Chip Roop is an acoustic pop/rock musician who recently relocated from South Florida to Keller, TX.  With his passion for stripped arrangements that focus on vocals, acoustic guitars, a well crafted song, as well high energy acoustic live performances, Chip has received very positive reviews over his last decade of playing.

Chip has had the opportunity over the last decade to work with many artists that at one point he stood in line at venues to watch perform.  He has shared the stage with Butch Walker, Will Hoge, Flickerstick, and many others.  In his last recording project, with wife Laury Roop (Chip & Laury), Chip would have the opportunity to work with Mike Garrigan (Collapsis & Athenaeum), not only as a producer, but as a co-songwriter.  "I've hardly ever worked with anyone co-writing songs, but I figured it was a different sort of project.  I'd gotten to know Mike, as he produced and mixed my first solo EP, so I decided to ask one of my favorite songwriters to co-write some of this one with me.  I figured the worst he could say was 'no'.  You should have seen how psyched I was when he sent me a message and said "Sure!" The co-written album became a fully funded Kickstarter project and received great reviews.

Chip not only loves the art of writing and recording music, but he is just as passionate about  live performance.  "I've always loved being on stage," Chip said in a recent interview.  "I started performing when I was five years old and that love has followed me my whole life.  Now, I just love sharing my music and energy with people and putting on a show that they can use to forget everything that is going on outside of the venue walls, and just focus on enjoying life for the time we have together."

In 2017, Chip hopes to play many shows around DFW and the region, building a new fan base outside of the southeastern states that he has called home for the last decade.  He also plans on releasing his next solo project sometime this year.

Breathe by Chip Roop
Live on the Echo Beach Surf Report
w/Neel Shukla (Drums) & Laury Roop (Vocals/Keyboard)

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For venue's that don't have a PA system, Chip can provide his Bose system.

*Chip also can provide a lighting system.