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Lemon Parade... It's Been Over 20 Years?!

Lemon Parade... It's Been Over 20 Years?!

You can’t control the sea. She’ll always do as she pleases - it’s her nature to be free.
— Mr. Golden Deal, Tonic

In 1996 (those good ole high school years) one of my favorite album’s to date came out by a band that would definitely leave an impact on the style of music that I love to this day.  Lemon Parade by Tonic, host of the mega-hit song ‘If You Could Only See’, hardly ever left my CD player, and still gets quite a bit of traffic on my iPhone playlist now.

An interesting headline popped up on my Facebook page last summer that caught my eye. ‘Tonic will be celebrating the 20-year milestone of the Lemon Parade album by recording an all-acoustic version of it to release on the original release day, 20 years later!’

July 16th 1996 – July 16th 2016 / HOLY CRAP... IT’S BEEN 20 YEARS!!!

Well, for those of you who know me, you know that I am an acoustic nut.  When I heard this was going down, I immediately clicked on the link to get more info on how to get it.  Tonic had begun a Pledge Music fundraiser to get their fans to pay for the project.   Needless to say, I put my support in without hesitation.

A few years ago, Laury and I used Kickstarter, a similar fundraising website, to fund our first EP, Catch That Spark.  This sort of fundraising is very special, as it comes right to the artist rather than through all the mess that other ways can make, and it lets the artist have a personal relationship with their true supporters. 

Tonic had a demo video of one of the tracks posted on the Pledge Music site, and it got me even more psyched to hear this collection of some of my favorite songs in one of my favorite ways to hear any song.  I am a firm believer that a truly great song will be great on any medium – whether it be rocked out with a full band or even slowed down and stripped to a single instrument.  The songs on Lemon Parade all fell into that category of greatness, in my eyes.  Seeing as the stripped down, acoustic style of music ultimately is my favorite, I became giddy like a child.

Skip to a few months later…

July 16th, 2016 was coming soon, and to be honest, it had kind of started to slip my mind about the release.  I would get the occasional update e-mail, but it was becoming one of those things I would celebrate when it happened, but until then, my focus was elsewhere.

Laury and I had been talking about having a get-away weekend for a while, but we’d just not had the chance to sit down and figure out exactly when and/or where we wanted to go.  I was leaving the gym one afternoon when I got an e-mail ding on my phone.  I looked down to find that apparently 2 VIP tickets to Tonic’s 20-year reunion party in Los Angeles at Molly Malone’s, a tiny little venue that they got their start in, had freed up, and being as I was a supporter of the project, I could pick them up for a reasonable price.  Well, I talked to Laury, and obviously you probably know what happened next.  The excitement of a child started all over again!

We headed to LA for the July 16th Lemon Parade concert, where they would play the album in its entirety, along with many other hits.  It was a tiny little venue, and we actually got to hang out with the band and watch their sound-check. Being my first trip to LA, it really was something else.  The show was amazing and you couldn’t budge in that little 100, or so, capacity room.  I’m pretty sure there were fire codes that were broken that night.

So below, you’ll see most of the performance of ‘Mr. Golden Deal’ from that show.  You can also click the link below to check out the 20-Year Anniversary of Lemon Parade album on iTunes.  It really is something else!

Just a Man @ The Brewhouse Gallery (2014)

Just a Man @ The Brewhouse Gallery (2014)

Shooting Star (Rehearsal) - Chip & Laury

Shooting Star (Rehearsal) - Chip & Laury